Photos by: Ed Grenzig
LIRP Long Island Running Photos

Over 1400 Past LIRP Photo Albums are listed in our
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Once you are viewing the listing, just click on the FILTER icon (top left of the page) and enter a search filter term like:
Where {Race} contains “Brew”  (short for Brewery)
also try; “Summer”; “Turkey”; “Aspire”; “Marathon”; “Tri”; etc…
And many many more search terms! Just use your imagination!
(Note: filtering is not active on mobile devices)

Try it, its easy and fun! Try some more complex FILTERS using OR, AND, etc…
Try using another field like {Race by} contains “GLIRC”
“NYRR”; “Awesome”; “Event”; etc…

The above procedure will find a link to the desired photo album.
But note, many of the race photo albums are posted on both the Facebook and the RunSignUp race pages. These are the same photos, just posted on both.

So why post the same photo albums twice?
Photos are posted on Facebook so you can share, comment, like, and TAG your friends! Just a Fun time!

Where, RunSignUp has the ability to search for your photos by Bib# or Name.
Try it, it’s easy.

And best of all, you can download any photos for free from either Facebook or RSU!

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Note: You can also download the entire listing of all the 1400+ photo albums in a CSV file format which is compatible with Microsoft excel spread sheet, Google Sheets, etc. Just click on the “…” located in the top menu of the listing. Then open the CSV file in excel, or other programs, and format it however you please.

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