A Complete Free Race Calendar of
ALL Races on Long Island

  • Includes Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, St Island & Bronx 
  • 7 individual calendars that you can easily link and add to your own calendar
  • Easily add them to Google, Apple, Outlook & other popular calendars
  • See many more great features listed below!
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    Use the following calendar now
  • Just view all races here in the embedded calendar below (fast and easy)
  • Turn color coded counties on and off, check out the agenda mode, enjoy!
    (turn your phone to a landscape view to see full calendar width)

Click on the triangle arrow next to “Agenda” for county selection ⬇

add google calendars with one click ⬆                       

For best viewing with all features
add the 7 calendars to your Google Calendar!

Just click on the “+ Google Calendar” link at the bottom right corner of the calendar above. (for Apple Outlook and other calendars click here)

Advantages to adding the race calendars to your Google Calendar!

  1. You will see a larger view with more display options than the above calendar.
  2. The calendars will also be viewable in the GC app, after you install the GC app on a phone or tablet.
  3. You can overlay the calendars with your personal calendar, and then turn them on and off with one mouse click.
  4. You can easily add any races to a new “Favorites Race Calendar”, that takes only about 30 seconds to add! Fast and easy!
  5. Share your “Favorites Race Calendar” with your friends.
  6. Easily search for races with the search box in the GC
  7. *We are trying to add all the races on LI, so be certain to let us know when we are missing any? Refer to our Corrections & Updates page for details

Detailed Directions on How to add Calendars

If you are not sure how to add a calendar to you calendar program or calendar app just click on these links

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