Microsoft Outlook Directions

Outlook 365

Start Here

  1. Open up Outlook 365 in your computer and go to the calendar tab
  2. Right click on “My Calendars” and then “Add Calendar”, then “From Internet”
  3. Enter one of the iCal URL addresses from iCal Calendar Links  , Click OK, then Yes
  4. The calendar should appear under My Calendars. If it does not, you may have to refresh by closing Outlook and re-starting the program.
  5. Optional Grouping: You can add a “Calendar Group” for these race calendars by right clicking on “My Calendars”, then “New Calendar Group”
    A new Group will appear with the name “New Group”, and you can just rename it to what you want. Drag your race calendars into this new group
  6. Repeat this copy and paste, for each county calendar you want to see in your google calendar.

Once you have successfully attached to this iCal calendar, you will not have to repeat this procedure in the future. Our calendar additions and changes will automatically be seen on your Outlook calendar.

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Read: Subscribe to a calendar at
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The difference between importing and subscribing

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When you import an .ics file, you get a snapshot of the events in the calendar at the time of import. Your calendar doesn’t refresh the imported events automatically — even if the calendar’s owner makes an update. This is a good way to add events that aren’t going to change to your existing calendar, like tide tables, or phases of the moon.

Subscribing to an iCal online calendar connects it to your calendar program. Whenever the owner of an iCal you’ve subscribed to makes changes to the events in the calendar, Outlook on the web automatically updates your “subscribed copy of the same calendar”. This is a good way to track events that change frequently, like race events, movie times or a school calendar.