Other Directions

Other Calendars

There are many other Calendar programs and Calendar App’s that are also capable of subscribing to the iCal (.isc file) type of calendars, that we offer here. Google, Apple and Microsoft Outlook are just three of the most popular calendars but you may prefer some other calendar. Not every calendar program will display all the data the same as others. So, try different calendars. We like the features in Google Calendar the best.

When you subscribe to someone else’s calendar, it will automatically update when the calendar owner makes changes inside of the calendar. To subscribe, you will be asked for a URL link which you can copy and paste from our website at iCal Calendar Links into the appropriate menu on your calendar program.

How to Subscribe

To find the directions in your calendar program, try searching the help menu for “subscribe” or “import” or “Sync” when inside of your calendar. But you want the directions for “subscribe” which is a one way linking to our calendar, where you can read the calendar events but not make changes to them, and any changes we make, will automatically update in your calendar view.

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Importing – Subscribing – and Syncing Calendars