Why So Many Views

I am confused by all the views?
Don’t be since there are really only 2 views. Let us explain!

1-Browse View:

Browse the races in a one line listing directly in our Airtable database, which has all the original race data. This is viewed in any web browser. Click Here

2-Calendar View:

View the races in a calendar program or app. This is where the confusion starts since there are so many calendar programs and apps, which are used on different electronic devices.

What Electronic devices do you typically use:

We typically use 2 or more of about 6 different popular electronic devices for accessing the internet for information we desire. These are

1 ✔Desktop or Laptop Windows computer
2 ✔ Desktop or Laptop Apple Mac computer
3 ✔Android tablet
4 ✔Apple iPad tablet
5 ✔Android phone
6 ✔Apple iPhone

Each of these Devices have 1 or more calendar programs or apps that can run on them. There is no one program or app that will run on all six. This is what makes things a little confusing!

The reason we have different programs and apps available has to do with the device screen size, as well as the operating system that runs on each device.

So for you to determine which calendar view to use really has to do with the device that you are going to use to view the race calendar. The following list explains your choices as well as which view we prefer*. In order to view the race calendars on your device, you must subscribe to them using our directions in the menu above, How to Add Calendars.

Six (6) Typical Devices listed below. Which do you use most frequently?
We list the best calendar program for each.

1-Desktop/laptop Windows computer: Try *Google Calendar in a browser, or *Airtable browse view in a browser

2-Desktop/laptop Apple Mac computer: Try Apple calendar program, or *Google Calendar in a browser, or *Airtable browse view in a browser

3-Android tablet: Try *Google Calendar app, or Google Calendar in a browser

4-Apple iPad tablet: Try Apple Calendar app, or *Google Calendar app, or Google Calendar in a browser

5-Android phone: Try *Google Calendar app

6-Apple iPhone: Try Apple Calendar app, or *Google Calendar app

As you can see we prefer Google Calendar on all devices but please don’t think that the Apple calendar is that much different. And remember, on the Apple devices you can have both the Google app and the Apple app sharing/syncing  the same personal calendars.

So Apple users you may want to try both the Google and Apple calendar apps and just use the one that you like best.

Note1: To subscribe to the race calendars in your Google account, this must be done through the Google Calendar in a browser. The race calendars will then appear in the Google app. The Google app does not allow subscribing to calendars directly from within the app.

Note2: On our website we have also embedded the Google Calendar just for convenience, if you do not want to subscribe to the actual race calendar. But, if you take the time to subscribe to the race calendars, the app will have more features then what is available on this embedded calendar. So it is best to subscribe.