iCal Calendar Links

Use these links to add these race calendars to the popular Google, Apple, Outlook and many many other calendars that you probably use right now.

Important: You DO NOT click on these links! You just copy and paste these links into your favorite calendar app. See the directions below if you are new to adding calendars. Once you add these to your calendar you do not have to repeat this procedure since the calendars will automatically update with new information as added.

Links for Apple, Outlook, and others.
(Note: better looking
Google links are listed below)

  • 1 AO Races Suffolk (these links are for copy and paste only)
  • 2 AO Races Nassau 
  • 3 AO Races Queens
  • 4 AO Races Brooklyn
  • 5 AO Races Manhattan

           Note: AO stands for Apple and Outlook links.

Best Links for Google only.
These have a better formatted description field using HTML coding. Other calendars do not support the HTML coding. (for an auto subscribe procedure, click here)

  • 1 Races Suffolk (these links are for copy and paste only into google calendar)
  • 2 Races Nassau
  • 3 Races Queens
  • 4 Races Brooklyn
  • 5 Races Manhattan

Detailed Directions for Adding Calendars

If you are not sure how to add a calendar to your calendar program or calendar app just click on these links

Google Apple Outlook Other