Airtable Calendar View

This view has immediate updates after the additions and changes are entered into our Airtable master race database. (Google, Apple, & Outlook calendars are only updated about 1-12 hours after changes are made)

To open this view in a larger window, click at the bottom right of this table. (Note: you will have to re-enter your filter settings if any were entered here)

To search in the calendar view below
1-click on filter, 2-then add filter, 3-select race name contains, 4-then enter your search text!

Examples of popular filter & search terms, 
Click on Filter, enter the “subject” field “contains”*, then any search text you want

Its a little easier to search in the Airtable Browse mode view by clicking here.
Then scroll to the bottom of the page for searching examples.

These examples can also be used in this Airtable calendar view.