Welcome Runners!

I sincerely hope you are finding this complete listing of ALL Races on Long Island useful and exciting to use. Since some of you may not be to familiar with using calendar programs or calendar apps, and subscribing to external calendars, I have also included an embedded google calendar on the website home page, as well as a powerful browse view located here. (Be sure to zoom in for a full page view!)

Explore the Features: If you take the time to learn some of the different website views, and how to subscribe to a calendar, you will be able to find any and all races, by many different criteria, quickly and efficiently. Some of the calendar features are really Great! Check out the videos also!

Future Ideas: I will be expanding the information on this website as time goes on, so please let me know what you would like to see? I have already added Other Race Listings, and Running Clubs on the menu tab “More”

I can use some help: I have been working on adding races in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, and could use some help in locating more races in these boroughs. Which races are missing?

You can actually view all the races that I have entered so far for these counties (Boroughs) in the Airtable Browse View located here on this website. Just click on filter, then add filter, enter Where “County” contains “Manh” and all the Manhattan races will be displayed. Same for Staten Island and the Bronx.

If you spot any missing races, maybe you can email me the Name, Date and Race website link? That would be a Great help!

Again, I sincerely hope you find this website useful and exciting

Ed Grenzig

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