Calendar Terminology

What is the difference between

Importing – Subscribing – and Syncing Calendars

When you add an external calendar to your calendar program account, you may have three possible choices (see below) depending on what the external calendar owner allows. This external calendar will not over write your existing calendars, or change them in any way. And you can delete or remove the external calendar you added at any time. You can also turn it on and off at will, with a simple mouse click.

Importing   (no updating)
This method copies a snapshot of a calendar. Usually the calendar file is an iCal (.ics) type file made available by the owner. Future changes to either the original or the copy are not reflected in the other.  No Updating Communication takes place. (Example: a calendar of popular holidays in the us.)

Subscribing  (one way updating ➡)  This is the method we use.
This method attaches to the original owner calendar, and your attached copy will be updated with changes made to the original by the owner, usually at regular intervals defined by the calendar owner. It is a link to the original calendar that you will enter into your calendar program. This is the method we, LI Race Calendar, uses for our 5 county race calendars. 5 links, one for each race calendar.

Note: Any changes you make in your copy will not be reflected back to the original owner calendar, if allowed. Also, if any changes to an event are allowed by your calendar program, they probably will be over written when our next calendar event update occurs. 

Syncing  (two way updating ⬅➡)
With this method a calendar owner will allow you to sync to there calendar, thereby creating an identical copy of their calendar in your calendar program, and then both copies will reflect any changes made by either party. True 2 way synchronization.

Hint: Subscribing or syncing your “own created calendar” with your friends, is a great method for you to share your favorite races with your friends.

Just create a new calendar called “My Favorite races” , copy and add any of our race events to it, and then share it with any friends, by allowing subscribing or syncing! You choose which method you prefer for sharing.