Tips & Tricks

How to quickly find races by GLIRC or any race company by using the website browser view. (this view has immediate updates) Hint: you use a filter

  1. Click here to go to the website Browser View
  2. Follow the directions under the Browser View window
  3. Or watch our training video on this view (at the bottom of the page)

If you use Google Calendar watch this video explaining some great features

If you use Outlook Calendar watch this video explaining some Great features

Our calendars are updated once per week on Monday morning, but the Airtable Browse view on this website has immediate updates as we enter data!

How do I find Brewery Runs? Hint filter on “Brewery” in the “Subject” or “Race Name” field. See tip one above. Try searching for “Turkey”, or “Mighty”, or “Summer”, etc
You pick the field, and then the search term!  Try many different combinations.

Add Calendars to Google Calendar with one click! Go to the home page and click on the bottom right corner of the embedded Google calendar!  Click the “+Google Calendar” icon (you are just subscribing to these calendars and it will not mix into, or effect your other calendars, in any way)

What is?  Importing – Subscribing – and Syncing of Calendars, Click here

I have an iPhone how do I subscribe to a calendar?
You have a choice to use either the Apple Calendar App, or the Google Calendar App, and both have some Great features. Just follow the directions in the menu above under iCal Calendar Links. Scroll to the bottom of the page for direction links.