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These views have immediate updates after the additions and changes are entered into our Airtable master race database. (Google, Apple, Outlook calendars are updated normally about 1 – 12 hours later, when subscribing to a calendar)

Best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer: mobile does not support the grouping feature.

Upcoming Race View example: The table below is the Upcoming Race View Table. Use it here or to open the table in a larger window, click at the bottom right of this table, or on the link above.

Tip: To search in the view below, 1-click on filter, 2-then add filter, 3-select subject contains, 4-then enter your search text! (see the video below for many more features)

Try searching in the “Race By” field
Click on Filter, add filter, then enter where “Race by” field “contains”   then enter glirc, or eventpower, or awesome, etc 

Examples of other popular filter/search terms, 
Click on Filter, add Filter, then enter the “subject” field “contains“*,
Try entering the following examples

  • “Brew” for Brewery
  • try any of these, 1k, 5k, 5mi, 10mi, 10k, 15k, 13.1, 26.2, 
  • “Nas” for Nassau, “Suf” , “Quee”, or “Bro” for Brooklyn
  • “Mighty”, or “Police”, or “turkey”, or “great”
  • “Eisen”  for Eisenhower Park, or just “Park”

The subject field actually contains the Race Name, Distance, Venue, City, & County fields, separated with an ” * ” between each of the 5 fields. It is used for the calendar event name. You can also filter on any of the many fields in the table. A very powerful function.

How to open in a one race view with all fields shown
1-Hover over a Race Name and click on the blue arrow that will appear on the left of the race line. or
2-Click twice on a Race Name, just not too fast.

You can filter/search on any of the fields shown. Just go back to the filter icon at the top of the browse window.

Video on how to use the Airtable Browse view

Bronx and Staten Island

You will notice that there are also races for these two Boroughs (counties) in the Airtable listing above. We have not yet exported these races to iCal calendars, since we are still working on finding and adding more races to them. So at the present time they may not be complete, but we included them here for your reference. Please let us know of any missing races you may find. Your help is always greatly appreciated.