Virtual Races Only

1/8/21 Update: Not many races are going virtual only in 2021. So this listing is now very small for 2021. If you refer to the All upcoming races listing you will find many races that are live, but with a virtual option. So just refer to the race website for complete up to date information on live versus virtual options on all upcoming races. Again, many up coming races have the virtual option!

We filtered our race table listing for just virtual races which now
include a “start date” and “end date”. Calendar views will therefore show the length of time that the virtual race is active.
Just select one of the views below to see all the virtual races.
(*Best viewed in a Calendar Weekly View* on a Desktop/Laptop computer))

Airtable Browse View  Click Here

Grouped and sorted by “start date”, but you can easily re-group by “end date”. This view is in a browser window. It is not a calendar view. It is also filtered by (“End Date” > 4 days ago)

Calendar Views (4)

These 4 calendar views will show the Virtual races over the multiple days or weeks that they are active. The weekly view on a desktop or laptop computer seems to be the best view when viewing the virtual calendar. Just use what ever view you like the best.

1-Google Calendar Link (same as URL link below (2), just a faster one click method)
Click on this link and the calendar will automatically be added (subscribed) to your Google Calendar account but it will not override any of your existing calendars. It is completely safe and can be turned off or removed at any time.

2-Google, Apple & Outlook Calendar
URL for subscribing
(copy and paste URL method)

URL Directions: Just follow the directions under “How to Add Calendars” in the menu tab above or, we repeated it here for your convenience,
Google (use step 3 manual procedure), Apple or Outlook calendars but use this URL listed above for subscribing to the Virtual Calendar

3-Browser Calendar View, no subscribing
Click Here
Tip: Once open, switch to the weekly view for easiest reading. See the top right corner of the calendar to switch.

4-Embedded Calendar View
This view is very similar to what you will see using, 1-Google Calendar Link view above, but not as many features. We recommend views 1 or 2 above as the best full featured views!