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Do you use any electronic calendar now? Which do you like the best?

Which of our 5 race calendars have you added to your electronic calendar?

Have you tried the Airtable Browse View on our website, which has immediate race updates? If so, how do you like it?

What do you like about our LI Race Calendar website, and the Calendar concept for viewing the complete race listing?

What would you like to see improved or added to our website or calendar race information?

If you would like to leave any verbal feedback you can call 516-308-1117
This phone number will only take Voice and/or Text messages which will be listened to.  (this number will not be answered by a human!)

You can also leave your phone number if you wish, and I will be happy to call you back and listen to your feedback, which is very important to me to improve the website and calendars! Also, many of the comments I get actually have solutions available now, and I will be glad to explain them to you, if they exist.
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